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We take the pleasure to introduce ourselves as one the largest EXPORTER , IMPORTERS, STOCK HOLDERS & SUPPLIERS of FERROUS AND NON FERROUS STEEL.We have specialized in Suppling STAINLESS STEEL, SHEET, PLATES, COILS, TUBES, PIPES, RODS, WIRES, FLATS, STRUCTURAL, FITTINGS, FLANGES etc since 30 years in India... Confirming to Stainless Steel Grade TP-202, 304, 304L, 309, 310, 310S, 316, 316S, 316TI, 321, 410, 430, 904L, NICKLE, MONEL, INCONEL, TITANIUM & ALL HIGH NICKLE GRADES. ALL ITEMS IN BRASS, COPPER, ALUMINUM, CARBON STEEL, MILD STEEL & BOILER QUALITY (BQ) ITEMS. Being all leading stockiests, we are in a position to cater all your requirements of the above mentioned items. We therefore, desirous in enlisting our name with your organization as a VENDOR having been in the field SINCE 2000. We are well established. We are regularly supplying these items to many leading industrial Units consisting of CHEMICALS/FERTILIZERS/PETROCHEMICAL PLANTS, PAPER MILLS, CEMENT PLANTS/ SUGAR MILL/ FABRICATION UNITS etc. We also supply these items especially Stainless Steel Sheets/ Plates/ Coils/ Pipes to Engineering Industries who are engage in the Manufacture and fabrication of Process Equipment. We can supply the Items even under third party inspection viz BUREAU VERITAS, D.N.V. H&G, KAVERNOR POWER GAS, UDHE INDIA, EIL, LLOYDS, TOYO, CHEMTEX, CEIL, TECNIMONT ICB & IBR etc. As we are regularly maintaining bulk stock in every item, we can arrange supplies in time and that too at the most competitive rates. We shall be thank full to you to kindly enlist our name with your approved Vendor list and favor us with your valuable enquires against your regular requirements. We would appreciate to get your esteemed enquires and look forward to the pleasure receiving your valuable response. Thanking you and assuring our best services at all times. Products Inconel Products Suppliers in Mumbai / India Inconel Pipe Inconel tube Inconel Round Bars Inconel Rods Inconel fitting Inconel sheets Inconel Plates Inconel Elbow Inconel Flanges Inconel 718 Round Bars Inconel 600 Round Bars Inconel 625 Round Bars Inconel 800 Round Bars Inconel 825 Round Bars Inconel 600 Pipe / Tube Inconel 625 Pipe / Tube Inconel 718 Pipe / Tube Inconel 800 Pipe / Tube Inconel 825 Pipe / Tube Inconel 600 bar Inconel 625 bar Inconel 718 bar Inconel 800 Bar Inconel 825 Bar Monel Products Suppliers in Mumbai / India Monel Pipe Monel Tube Monel Round Bars Monel Rods Monel fitting Monel sheets Monel Plates Monel Elbow Monel Flanges Monel 400 Round Bars Monel K 500 Round Bars Monel 400 Pipe Monel K 500 Pipe Monel 400 Tube Monel K 500 Tube Monel 400 Flanges Monel K 500 Flanges Monel 400 Rods / Bar Monel K 500 Rods / Bars  Hastelloy Products Suppliers in Mumbai / India Hastelloy Pipe Hastelloy Tube Hastelloy Round Bars Hastelloy Rods Hastelloy fitting Hastelloy sheets Hastelloy Plates Hastelloy Elbow Hastelloy Flange Titanium Products Suppliers in Mumbai / India Titanium Pipe Titanium Tube Titanium Round Bars Titanium Rods Titanium fitting Titanium sheets Titanium Plates Titanium Elbow Titanium Flanges Titanium Gr 2 Round Bars Titanium Gr 5 Round Bars. Titanium Gr 2 Pipe / Tube Titanium Gr 5 Pipe / Tube. Titanium Gr 2 Sheets Titanium Gr 5 Sheets Titanium Gr 2 Plates Titanium Gr 5 Plates. Duplex And Super Duplex Products Suppliers in Mumbai / India Duplex And Super Duplex Pipe Duplex And Super Duplex Tube Duplex And Super Duplex Round Bars Duplex And Super Duplex Rods Duplex And Super Duplex fitting Duplex And Super Duplex sheets Duplex And Super Duplex Plates Duplex And Super Duplex Elbow Duplex And Super Duplex Flanges Duplex S31803 Round Bars Super Duplex S 31803 Round Bars Super Duplex S 32205 Round Bars Super Duplex S 32550 Round Bars Super Duplex S 32750 Round Bars Super Duplex S 32760 Round Bars Duplex S31803 Pipe / Tube Super Duplex S 31803 Pipe / Tube Super Duplex S 32205 Pipe / Tube Super Duplex S 32550 Pipe / Tube Super Duplex S 32750 Pipe / Tube Super Duplex S 32760 Pipe / Tube Fittings Suppliers Pipe Fittings Suppliers Buttweld Fittings Suppliers Forged Fittings Suppliers Equal Tee Fittings Suppliers Elbow Fittings Suppliers Concentric Reducer Fittings Suppliers Cap Fittings Suppliers Fittings Importers Pipe Fittings Importers Buttweld Fittings Importers Forged Fittings Importers Equal Tee Fittings Importers Elbow Fittings Importers Concentric Reducer Fittings Importers Cap Fittings Importers Fittings Exporters Pipe Fittings Exporters Buttweld Fittings Exporters Forged Fittings Exporters Equal Tee Fittings Exporters Elbow Fittings Exporters Concentric Reducer Fittings Exporters Cap Fittings Exporters Fittings Exporters Fittings Manufacturers Pipe Fittings Manufacturers Buttweld Fittings Manufacturers Forged Fittings Manufacturers Equal Tee Fittings Manufacturers Elbow Fittings Manufacturers Concentric Reducer Fittings Manufacturers Cap Fittings Manufacturers Fittings Suppliers in dubai Pipe Fittings Suppliers in dubai Buttweld Fittings Suppliers in dubai Forged Fittings Suppliers in dubai Equal Tee Fittings Suppliers in dubai Elbow Fittings Suppliers in dubai Concentric Reducer Fittings Suppliers in dubai Cap Fittings Suppliers in dubai Fittings Importers in dubai Pipe Fittings Importers in dubai Buttweld Fittings Importers in dubai Forged Fittings Importers in dubai Seamless Pipe Welded (ERW) Pipe Welded (ERW) Pipe Stainless Steel Pipes Stainless Steel Tubes Stainless Steel Sheet Stainless Steel plate Stainless Steel Buttweld Stainless Steel Flanges Stainless Steel Bar Stainless Steel Rod Stainless Steel Wire Stainless Steel Beams Stainless Steel Angles Stainless Steel Channel Stainless Steel Strip Stainless Steel Flat 04 Stainless Steel Plate 304 Stainless Steel Pipe 304 Stainless Steel Flanges 304 Stainless Steel Round Bar 304 Stainless Steel Tube 304 Stainless Steel Sheet 304 Stainless Steel Buttweld Fittings 304 Stainless Steel Forged Fittings 304 Stainless Steel Fasteners 304 Stainless Steel Outlets 316 Stainless Steel Plate 316 Stainless Steel Pipe 316 Stainless Steel Flanges 316 Stainless Steel Round Bar 316 Stainless Steel Tube 316 Stainless Steel Sheet 316 Stainless Steel Buttweld Fittings 316 Stainless Steel Forged Fittings 316 Stainless Steel Fasteners 316 Stainless Steel Outlets SS 316Ti Round Bar SS 316Ti Plate and SS 316Ti Sheet SS 316Ti Flanges SS Pipe SS 316Ti Tube SS Buttweld Fittings SS 316Ti Forged Fittings SS316TiOutlets SS 316Ti Fasteners SS Pipe SS Sheet SS Tube SS 317L Round Bar SS 317L Buttweld Fittings SS 317L Bend SS 317L Forged Fittings SS 317L Outlets SS 317L Flange SS 317L Fasteners SS Pipes SS Tubes SS Round Bar SS 309 Buttweld Fittings SS 309 Forged Fittings SS 309 Flanges SS 309 Fasteners SS 309 Sheets, Plates & Coil SS Sheets SS Pipes SS Tubes SS 310 Round Bars SS 310 Buttweld Fittings SS 310 Forged Fittings SS 310 Flanges SS 310 Sheets SS 310 Fasteners SS Tube SS Plates SS Pipe SS 321 Round Bar SS 321 Buttweld Fittings SS 321 Forged Fittings SS 321 Bend SS 321 Outlets SS 321 Flanges SS 321 Fasteners SS 321 Sheets SS Sheet SS Tube SS Round Bar SS 347 Pipe SS 347 Buttweld Fittings SS 347 Forged Fittings SS 347 Bend SS 347 Outlets SS 347 Flanges SS 347 Fasteners SS Pipe SS Tube SS Sheet SS 904L Round Bar SS 904L Buttweld Fittings SS 904L Bend SS 904L Forged Fittings SS 904L Outlets SS 904L Flanges SS 904L Fasteners SS 409 Products SS Pipe SS Tube SS Buttweld Fittings SS 409 Bend SS 409 Forged Fittings SS 409 Outlets SS 409 Flanges SS 409 Round Bar SS 409 Plate and SS 409 Sheet SS 409 Fasteners SS Pipe SS Tube SS Buttweld Fittings SS 410 Bend SS 410 Forged Fittings SS 410 Outlets SS 410 Flanges SS 410 Round Bar SS 410 Plate and SS 410 Sheet SS 410 Fasteners SS Pipe SS Tube SS Buttweld Fittings SS 410S Bend SS 410S Forged Fittings SS 410S Outlets SS 410S Flanges SS 410S Round Bar SS 410S Plate and SS 410S Sheet SS 410S Fasteners SS Pipe SS Tube SS Buttweld Fittings SS 416 Bend SS 416 Forged Fittings SS 416 Outlets SS 416 Flanges SS 416 Round Bar SS 416 Plate and SS 416 Sheet SS 416 Fasteners SS Pipe SS Tube SS Buttweld Fittings SS 420 Bend SS 420 Forged Fittings SS 420 Outlets SS 420 Flanges SS 420 Round Bar SS 420 Plate and SS 420 Sheet SS 420 Fasteners SS Pipe SS Tube SS Buttweld Fittings SS 430 Bend SS 430 Forged Fittings SS 430 Outlets SS 430 Flanges SS 430 Round Bar SS 430 Plate and SS 430 Sheet SS Pipe sS Tube SS 431 Buttweld Fittings SS 431 Bend SS 431 Forged Fittings SS 431 Outlets SS 431 Flanges SS 431 Round Bar SS 431 Plate and SS 431 Sheet SS 431 Fasteners SS Pipe SS Tube SS Buttweld Fittings SS 440 Bend SS 440 Forged Fittings SS 440 Outlets SS 440 Flanges SS 440 Round Bar SS 440 Plate SS 440 Sheet pipe and pipe fittings stainless steel stockists

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