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Price : INR40

AIM CHEMICALS AND FERTILIZERS is the Largest Importers and Suppliers of Potassium Sulphate N:P:K 00:00:50 in India. Potassium Sulphate N:P:K 00:00:50 fertilizer Imported and supplied by us is 100% Water soluble and is of International standards and is highly recommended for drip irrigation and foliar spray.   Potassium sulphate–SOP (K2SO4 ), is the world’s most popular low-chloride fertilizer. It combines the essential nutrients potassium (K) and sulphur (S) in an optimal form which is readily available to plants. SOP increases both the yield and quality of high value crops, particularly fruit, vegetables and tobacco. It improves the crop’s nutritional value, taste and appearance as well as its resistance to deterioration during transport and storage and its suitability for industrial processing. Potassium Sulphate also helps to improve a crop’s resistance to drought, frost, disease and insects. Virtually chloride-free, Sulphate of Potash is an excellent macro nutrient source for chloride-sensitive crops and intensive cropping systems. SOP the most effective fertilizer in many parts of the world and the most eco-friendly. Being noted  Potassium Sulphate (N:P:K 00:00:50) 100% Water Soluble Fertilizers Importers and suppliers, we are committed to process your order in due time. Moreover, owing to our available stock, we are capable of furnishing bulk orders of the clients. Potassium Sulphate supplied by us is as per standard specification recommended and approved under Fertilizer Control Order 1985.
  • Product Details
  • Brand :
  • Place of Origin : CHINA
  • FOB Price : INR40
  • Minimum Order Quantity : 1000 Kg.
  • Supply Ability :
  • Packaging & Delivery
  • Packaging Detail : 25 Kg. HDPE BAG WITH INNER LINER
1 Moisture percent by weight maximum 1.5 2 Potash content (As K2O) percent by weight minimum 50 3 Total Chlorides (as Cl) percent by weight(On Dry Basis) maximum 2.5 4 Sodium as NACL on dry basis percent by weight(On Dry Basis) maximum 2.0 5 Sulphur (As S), percent by weight minimum 17.5
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